How to Change Desktop Background

To achieve the best quality of your desktop look, it is recommended to choose the wallpaper picture of the same size as your screen resolution. To make it easier, each desktop background picture on this website comes in a few sizes.

Your current screen resolution is .

How to quickly change the desktop background using a Web browser

Choose a desktop picture, click a link with the appropriate dimensions and wait until the image is fully loaded. Right-click on the image (if using Mac, press Control while clicking on the image) then in the pop-up menu select “Set as Background”, “Use Image as Desktop Picture”, “Set as Desktop Background”, “Use Image on Desktop”... The exact words may vary in different browsers, but the meaning is the same: to turn the image you loaded in your browser into your desktop background.

How to change Windows desktop background / wallpaper

If you saved the picture to your computer and then want use it as a desktop picture, right-click an empty spot on your desktop and choose Properties, then choose Desktop tab, click Browse to select the image and then click OK.

In Windows 7 right-click an empty area of the desktop and choose Personalize. In the Control Panel’s Personalization pane click the Desktop Background option in the bottom left corner, click the Browse button to select the image and then click Save changes.

How to change Mac OS desktop picture

If you want to save the picture on your computer and then use it as a desktop picture, download the image, put the image on desktop. Click on the desktop while holding Control and choose “Change Desktop Background”.

Alternatively, you can go to Apple menu, then choose System Preferences and click Desktop & Screen Saver. Click Desktop and select Choose Folder to locate a picture. (The procedure may vary in different Mac OS versions)

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