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Generally, and unless otherwise stated on this page or elsewhere on this website, the use of the published material from this website is allowed, provided you place a prominent attribution next to the material and you do not alter or distort the content of the copied material. The attribution must be made in readable text indexable by search engines, its text size must be large enough to be easily read by people, it must be displayed at all times close to the material you took from this website, and it should say “Designed by Anny, annystudio.com”, or “Author: Anny, annystudio.com”, or “Source: annystudio.com”, or similar. The exact wording is up to you, but the meaning of the text should be clear and it must constitute a clickable link leading to http://annystudio.com without the rel="nofollow" attribute in its HTML code.

Direct links (hotlinks) to images on this website are not allowed.

If you are still in doubt whether you can use the content from this website, if you have any questions, or for offline/physical usage of the material, please contact the author.

It is not allowed to use any materials from this website for creation, promotion, dissemination, distribution, support or business of:


  • junk mail or spam;
  • computer malware (viruses, trojans, spyware, backdoors, etc.);
  • scam, deception, or any unlawful or unfair activity;
  • invasion of people’s privacy and mass surveillance;
  • advancement of quantity over quality; or reduction of quality and/or reliability of any goods and services;
  • opposition to Pro-choice ideas;
  • propaganda, lies, dogmas, cults or religions;
  • growth of the population of the Earth, particularly in the overpopulated areas, countries, nations or cultures;
  • credits, loans, mortgages or other financial borrowings;
  • monopolies, or other economic and legal arrangements that sacrifice interests of people and sovereignty of countries to privileges of major corporations.

in Australia (in addition to the above):

  • censorship and restrictions of freedom of speech;
  • political and economical short-sightedness that deprives Australia of secure future and keeps Australian economy undiversified, relying on population increase for economic growth, heavily dependant on commodities, especially on mining, which is unsustainable, and destroys Australia’s greatest assets like the Great Barrier Reef and the precious agricultural lands in Hunter Valley.
  • political, economical and administrative division of Australia into states and territories;
  • double standards, including such concepts as “political correctness”;
  • destruction of, dilution of or disrespect for the Australian identity, including its European culture and heritage;
  • urbanisation of Australia and decline of rural Australia;
  • red tape or complication of laws, regulations and any other bureaucratic matters to the point when people can’t manage the affairs themselves and are forced to use middle-man services;
  • turning Australian education and medical systems into a business or lowering their quality;
  • obstruction of patient’s full access to their medical records or any other information related to their health and body, diminishing patient’s control or right to make any decisions regarding their health and life;
  • obtaining people’s personal details by any business or organisation for any purpose other than providing the service that the customers requested, or collecting the details that are not necessary for providing the service without giving the customers an explicit option to not provide such details (e.g. asking for the customer’s address if no home delivery is involved).
  • recruitment, real estate or marketing agencies;

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