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Practical Tips. How to...

Report abandoned shopping trolleys
1 March 2011, latest update 18 March 2017

Convert art canvas density: ounces per square yard and grams per square metre
8 April 2011

Sharpen a potato peeler without any tools
22 May 2010

Australian orchard sheds, fresh fruit and vegetable shops, and local produce stores
3 June 2010, latest update 25 March 2017

Nielsen’s Native Nursery: a great Australian native plants shop
19 January 2014

The Checkout from the ABC — the best TV show ever: very funny, very educational and very useful! See the list and synopsis of The Checkout episodes on the ABC site or watch The Checkout archive on YouTube
23 March 2013

Melba’s Chocolates
1 October 2012

Melita Honey Farm, Tasmania
26 October 2008, latest update 1 December 2010

Uraidla Market, Adelaide Hills
6 December 2009, latest update 3 January 2010

Critique and Warnings

Why and how to opt out of the My Health Record / e-Health
21 December 2016, latest update 19 July 2018

Australian post office box prices rise again
22 January 2014, latest update 26 February 2018

Why a free, reliable, 100% Australian email service is crucial
1 August 2017

Australian Bureau of Statistics and privacy issues: Be aware of how ABS collects and keeps the census, longitudinal datasets and compulsory household surveys information
1 November 2012, latest update 1 May 2017

Protect your privacy in everyday life
6 September 2012, latest update 17 January 2016

Your health, your body — your right, your choice
20 January 2012, latest update 5 January 2016

Vodafone Australia problems, glitches, errors and failures
3 June 2011, latest update January 2015

The privacy issues in the Health system: Medicare Australia and my.gov.au
20 December 2011, latest update July 2014

No more Customer Charter, no more AAMI
9 December 2012, latest update 1 March 2014

Losing customers because of PayPal
21 November 2012, latest update 17 October 2013

Beware of the postal vote application forms from political parties and candidates
7 August 2013

Braun: made in where?
2 June 2010

How real estate agents cheat: a private buyer trick
22 July 2009

The quality of goods is getting worse. Illusion or reality?
14 July 2009

Design Articles

Old Articles

Australian Internet filter. Who decides what’s good for us?
19 December 2009, latest update June 2013

The Pasta Factory: fresh, tasty and real (Closed down in 2013)
22 December 2009

Disassemble HP iPAQ 4700: touch screen removal and repair guide
10 September 2007

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