How to report stolen and abandoned supermarket trolleys in Australia

Most Australians care for their beautiful country and would agree that abandoned shopping trolleys are not just making streets and local surrounds look untidy and neglected, but also can become an environmental hazard to bushland, creeks and waterways and pose a danger on the roads.

Luckily, besides always returning your the trolley to the supermarket’s trolley bay, there is a an easy way to contribute to neatness of Australia: report any lost, stolen or abandoned trolleys to the trolley collection service using the following links:

For an abandoned trolley belonging to... Use this link to the online report form:
Big W
Dan Murphy’s
Thomas Dux
Food For Less
Ritchies IGA and IGA WA (selected stores)

Privacy tip: giving your contact details in the report form is optional and only required if you want to participate in the prize draw. Otherwise, just fill the trolley details, leave your contact details blank, tick “I accept the Terms and Conditions” and enter the captcha code.

1st Choice

Privacy tip: if you prefer to keep your e-mail address private, say “no” to the “Do you require a reference number” question.

I have the above links in my web browser bookmarks and use them to report every trolley I see left outside any shop’s premises.

The reports are forwarded to collection teams around the country. The trolley collection services retrieve the trolleys and return them to the relevant store. Reporting a trolley, which would otherwise have to be replaced, helps reduce waste and costs that otherwise would have been passed onto customers.

Thank you for your collaboration and care for Australia.

Stolen and abandoned Coles supermarket trolley in dumped in a river
Stolen and abandoned Coles supermarket trolley dumped in Brisbane river

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