Braun: Made in Where?

Yesterday, as we were walking through the city arcades, a friend of mine bough a spare blade for his Braun shaver. A usual thing, nothing special:

Braun series 5 shaver blade, foil and cutter 51B

However, the reverse side of the pack caught our attention.

Braun shaver blade 51B, the back side of the pack
At first glance, there was nothing special either.

But let’s have a closer look and comfort ourselves: it costs $70, but at least it says it is made in Germany.

Braun shaver blade is made in Germany. Or in China?
It also says something about Lu Chun Road, Shanghai and China in the paragraph with strange letters, but why should that bother us? It explicitly says “Made in Germany” in English. Moreover, the Chinese address may be the address of an importer or a distributor.

Maybe. But...

Google translation: Braun is made in China
If you know that the “strange letters” are Russian and try to translate the first tree words, you will find out that “Сделано в Китае” means “Made in China”.

So, why is the Russian paragraph the only one that discloses in detail where the product came from instead of reminding the customers that they should spend another $70 in 18 months, as it is done in English, German, French and Italian?

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