Nielsen’s Native Nursery

Nielsen’s Nursery is great place to shop for Australian native plants: eucalypts, leptospermums, callistemons, banksias, grevilleas, rainforest plants... In addition to the extensive range of Australian plants, they have an impressive array of exotic plants, fruit trees, herbs, flowers, water plants, pots, garden statues, water features, a beautiful aquarium and a nice cafe with a view to the plants and the pond. The Nielsen’s staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and the nursery is doing a good job of promoting the use of Australian native plants in South East Queensland gardens. The nursery’s car park is decorated with native plants and is great place to see what the plants will look like as they grow.

Nielsen’s Native Nursery contacts:

Address: 49-51 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road (just off the Pacific Hwy), Loganholme, Queensland, Australia
Phone: (07) 3806 1414
Open 7 days a week, 8:00 to 17:00

Nielsen's Native Nursery - sign on Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road
Nielsen’s Native Nursery sign on Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road
Nielsen's Native Nursery carpark - a great display of grown native plants
Nielsen’s Nursery’ car park — a great display of grown native plants
Australian native plants in Nielsen's Nursery carpark
Australian native plants in Nielsen’s Nursery car park
Nielsen's Native Nursery entrance
Nielsen's Native Nursery entrance
Water features
Water features
Nursery shop: seeds, books, fertilisers, ornaments and more
Nursery shop: seeds, books, fertilisers, ornaments and more
Plants display area
Plants display area
Nielsen's Native Nursery - Lorikeet's Coffee Shop
Lorikeet’s Coffee Shop
Australian native plants display
Australian native plants nursery display
Nursery's pet - Long-billed Corella
This is Casper, a long-billed corella, one of the nursery’s happy pet-birds and a welcoming committee. When he is in a social mood, he likes to say “Hello!” and “Give me a scratch.” Otherwise, he is usually seen snacking, grooming himself and snoozing during the hot hours of the day.
Nielsen's Native Nursery plants
Nielsen's Native Nursery cafe
Nielsen’s Native Nursery cafe
Nielsen's Nursery
Nursery display
Nielsen's Native Nursery - Australian rainforest plants
Australian rainforest plants
Pots and garden statues
Pots and garden statues
Nielsen's Native Nursery - cacti
Larger trees
Larger trees
Nielsen's Native Nursery aquarium
Nielsen’s Native Nursery aquarium
The aquarium
Nielsen's Native Nursery flowering plants
Nielsen's Native Nursery - leptospermums
Nielsen's Native Nursery - banksias
Nielsen's Native Nursery - callistemons
Callistemons (bottle brushes)
Nielsen's Native Nursery garden
Nielsen's Native Nursery pond and water plants
The pond and water plants
Nielsen's Native Nursery - shade-loving plants
Shade-loving plants
Nielsen's Native Nursery - full shade plants

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