How real estate agents cheat: a private buyer trick

Yesterday I found this piece of paper in my mail box:

A letter from a real estate agent that pretends to be a private buyer

It was an A6 sized photocopy of a hand-written note. Despite the fact that person who is going to buy a house should be able to afford a computer and a printer to type the letter, we have a copy of a handwritten note, because its author knew that a printed note is much more likely to be thrown away with the rest of junk mail. The handwritten things attract more attention these days than anything printed. In addition, the feeling that the author made an effort and spent some time to write the letter, now subconsciously obliges us to read it. And finally, the hand-made appearance strengthens an impression of the affairs being truly private and genuine.

As a curious person who loves to study life and hates dirty tricks, I simply entered the phone number into the Google search and got the following result:

Google search result: the phone number belongs to a real estate agent

As it can be seen, the “private cash buyer” is in fact a real estate agent. The piece of paper was just a real estate agents’ trick to obtain the potential sellers’ details and then implement the rest of their cheating methods.

Would you like to trust your house to people who cheat like this? I certainly would not.

It is one more warning to all sellers and buyers: be careful! Be aware of tricks before they are applied to you.

Make use of Google and other search services. Of course, other real estate agents can be smarter and slyer, so the lack of phone numbers in the Internet search results cannot guarantee anything, but it is one more little measure to protect yourself.

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