Print Inspector mascot

The Task

To create an image of the SoftPerfect Print Inspector mascot.

About SoftPerfect Print Inspector

Print Inspector is a management and auditing tool for corporate networks. It records detailed information about printed documents, allows management of documents queued to a printer, provides notifications of specific events, creates various reports based on the collected data and provides comprehensive statistics on the printer usage and users’ printing habits, which may help to minimise the environmental impact and the total cost of printer ownership.

The Solution

Over the years, a cat has been seen as a creature somehow related to the Print Inspector. Perhaps, because cats like paper, or because they are always alert and watching. The SoftPerfect developer team wanted to include an image of the mascot into a new version of the software, and also place it on the software’s official webpage.

I decided to picture the Cat as an inspector, in an cap with a badge with the letter ‘P’ that would stand for “print”, with a notepad, in a watching posture with arms behind his back, looking at the printer with an intent, and his slightly reproaching face expressing “This wasn’t so necessary to print...” To add a bit of fun to such a serious scene, I decided that the Cat will hold a pencil in his tail.

The Result

Cat and printer - SoftPerfect Print Inspector mascot
SoftPerfect Print Inspector mascot

Copyright Notice

This image is a part of the SoftPerfect Print Inspector software, and therefore cannot be used without permission of SoftPerfect Research, except for the purposes directly related to the Print Inspector software.

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