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From Finland with love: Finnish flag and reindeer


To the beautiful, calm and pure country I wish I could visit again.

The Task

To create a T-shirt to wear — for myself, my friends and anyone who liked the design or loved Finland.

The Result

Suomi: flag of Finland and reindeer design fir T-shirts, magnets, stickers and other souvenirs

The design features the flag of Finland with blue Nordic cross on a white background, a silhouette of a reindeer and the name Suomi, which means “Finland” in Finnish.

The picture can be easily printed on T-shirts, posters, stickers, mugs, bags, fridge magnets or other souvenirs and giftware.

The design can be used for private non-commercial purposes provided the artist and this website are properly attributed. For example the words/link “Design by Anny,” are placed in the close proximity to the image. Please contact the author if you intend to use the picture in mass media or commercially.

How to Buy

The design is available for sale as T-shirts, pullover hoodie jumpers, kids clothes, greeting cards, postcards, canvas prints, posters, stickers, iPhone casses, Samsung Galaxy cases and iPad cases via .

You can choose the colour and shape of the T-shirt (round neck, V-neck, long sleeve, girly fitted, hoodie, baby and kids size T-shirts, baby lap shoulder clothing).

Suomi - Finland flag and reindeer t-shirt

An example of a round neck women’s T-shirt. Buy from 

Suomi - Finland flag and reindeer hoodie pullover jumper

Pullover hoodie jumper example. Buy from 

Suomi - Finland flag and reindeer greeting card

Suomi greeting card. Buy from 

Suomi - Finland flag and reindeer sticker

Suomi sticker. Buy from 

Suomi - Finland flag and reindeer phone case

Suomi phone case. Buy from 

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