Grandma’s and Grandpa’s tech support

Available for sale as kids T-shirts and baby clothes. Where to buy


Inspired by a friend’s big family party. Today’s little kids are so tech-savvy, so good at using all the new electronic devices and the latest technological achievements of human civilisation. Children learn quickly, embracing the trial-and error-approach: they are not afraid to try due to being oblivious to the consequences of their mistakes. A five-year-olds could easily teach their grandparents how to use an iPad, a smatphone or a laptop. Mostly for games, of course. :)

The Result

Grandma's tech support: funny T-shirt kids
Cute and funny “Grandma’s tech support” kids clothes will put smiles on many faces at friends and family gatherings. Buy via
Grandma's tech support: funny baby clothes
Make the new grandma laugh: baby clothes for the future tech support. Buy via
Grandpa's tech support: funny baby T-shirt for tech-savvy grand children
For Grandad’s big smile: Grandpa's tech support is here! Buy via

Where to Buy

The design is available for sale printed on kids T-shirts and baby clothes, sizes from 3 months to 12 years, via Adult size T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and jumpers are also available.

Buy “Grandma’s tech support” clothes on

Buy “Grandpa’s tech support” clothes on

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