“Watch the Birdie” iPhone case

Available for sale in bright and subtle colours printed on iPhone cases, cards, stickers and mugs. Where to buy

The Designer’s Challenge

To create a funny, cute and smart iPhone case that would incorporate the photo camera into its design and look attractive when held while the owner is holding the phone.

The Result

“Watch the Birdie”, says someone just before taking a photo to make you look at the camera...

This very cute and stylish protective iPhone case design not only has a lot of character, it also makes a witty word-and-meaning play around the otherwise unattractive hole for the photo camera, turning it into a clever feature. When the owner is holding the phone, the cat is hiding behind the hand, with the whiskers pocking out of his hide, and the sneering bird is flying around.

'Watch the Birdie' iPhone case. Fat cat and a crow
Fat cat and a crow — “Watch the Birdie” design

Where to Buy

The design is available for sale in bright-orange/blue and beige/light-brown colour combinations. Orders can be made via RedBubble.com.

Watch the Birdie iPhone case (blue and orange)
Two piece iPhone case, bright-orange/blue design. Buy on RedBubble.com
Watch the Birdie iPhone case (beige and brown)
iPhone 5 case, beige/light-brows design. Buy on RedBubble.com
Fat cat and a Crow mug
The Cat and Birdie mug. Buy on RedBubble.com
Fat cat and a Bird funny greeting cars
Funny greeting cards and postcards with the Fat cat and the Crow. Buy on RedBubble.com

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