F-posture: take your eyes off your smartphone


A reminder to all smartphone over-users: stop slouching and straining your eyes. There is nothing on Facebook that is more important than your health and the real world around you. Give your eyes, neck and back a break.

The Result

F-posture design for T-shirts, magnets, stickers, mugs, tote bags and other souvenirs
Do you know someone who looks like this?

The use of a shape resembling Facebook logo in this design is permitted by the Fair Use exemption in the Copyright and Trademark Laws: copying of copyrighted and trademark material for a limited purpose of criticism and parody. In this case, the design is criticising the overuse of social media and mobile devices causing the users to assume a certain posture and, in an effective humorous way, is trying to bring public attention to the importance and health and safety benefits of moderation of device and social media use, good posture and awareness of the surroundings.

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