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PDF calendars and planners 2024, 2025 and 2026 for downloading and printing
PDF calendars for past years from 2004 to 2023
DIY printable calendars from 1900 to 2099
DIY printable month planners from 1900 to 2099


Just Color Picker
JPEG Lossless Rotator
Domino Solitaire

Practical Tips

How to report stolen and abandoned supermarket trolleys
How to make screen text sharp and decrease eye strain
How to “sharpen” a potato peeler without any tools


Australian fresh fruit, vegetable and local produce shops
Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory, New South Wales
Tomra: a quick and easy way to get recycling refund in NSW and Qld
Nielsen's Native Nursery, Queensland
Melba's Chocolate Factory, Adelaide Hills
Uraidla Market, Adelaide Hills

Critical Reviews

Australian Bureau of Statistics: privacy issues with census, surveys and data linkage
30 ways you can improve your privacy protection online and in real life
Privacy issues with apps, email addresses and mobile phone numbers demanded as mandatory
Is the quality of goods and services getting worse?
Caution: postal vote application forms from political parties and candidates
Why opt out or delete the online Health Record
Australia Post
Are you losing customers because of PayPal?
Braun: made in where?
How real estate agents can cheat: a private buyer trick

Funny Pictures

Cleansing hand wash; Guess the shop; Muchroom; Medieval internet; Opportunist; Deadly underwear; Wall nuts; myShit account; Harmacy; Movable stick; Bus XXX; Choking hazard; One fee extra noodle; Children are a pain in the neck; Last Street; Keep right, keep left; Dash, dash, dash; Real visible ingredients; Exit through the fence; Santa Clause; Hello Kitty; To oil, or not to oil; Nap fitness; Tooth out; Alcohol-free with alcohol; Handwash; Walk, or no pedestrians; Christmas decorations; Vegetarian pork; 102.6 percent; Ideal for cooking; Not so exclusive; Poo shop; No skateboarding; Beware loose sand; Crapbooking; Scary delivery; Collide here; Unix hell; Leafy riot; Don't drink; Better buy two


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