Nine double-yolk eggs in one box: one in a thousand billion chance!

Some say that the chance of getting a double yolk is one in 1000. A few days, I thought I witnessed that rare chance. I opened a new box with a dozen of eggs and the first one was a double-yolker. It was unusual, but nothing extraordinary, so no photos were taken then.

Next day, however, was less ordinary: the next four eggs from the same box all had two yolks! That means, that all together it was a one to 10005 chance to get five double-yolk eggs in a row (which is 1000000000000000, one quadrillion in short scale, and one thousand billion or one billiard in long scale). I wish I had such luck in something more useful ;)

Four double-yolkers from one egg box.
Four double-yolkers from one egg box

A few days later, making a big omelette, and more surprises appear. The next four eggs from the same box: three out of four are double-yolkers, which brings the total count of double yolk eggs in one box to 8 out of 9 eggs so far:

More double-yolk eggs: three out of four.
Three more double-yolk eggs in the same box

Another day, baking, and another two-yolk egg. Which makes it 9 out of 10 all together:

Chicken egg with two yolks.
Nine out of ten eggs turned out to be double-yolkers

There are limits to what can be attributed to a pure coincidence. This had to have some explanation. The box of eggs was from Sunny Queen Farms. I've been buying Queen Farm's cage free and free range eggs for years, and have never encountered a single double-yolk egg.

I contacted Sunny Queen Farms, and they assured me that what I've seen was a pure chance. They haven't made any recent changes in their hens' diet or environment. They also mentioned that it is perfectly safe to eat eggs with multiple yolks in them. Though, my call wasn't about safety, it was about the impossible! :-)

Sunny Queen Farm egg box - the source of double-yolk eggs.
Sunny Queen Farm egg box, the source of double-yolk eggs

I was also told that eggs with two yolks occasionally happen to young chicken, so my box could have come from a barn with a large group of young hens. However, to get 9 out of 10 would be an extremely rare chance.