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7 July 2016

Printable calendars 2019 are now available.

11 May 2016

Just Color Picker 4.6 has been released.

7 April 2016

New 2018 printable calendars have been added.

9 March 2016

A new feature in Just Color Picker 4.5: CSS-compatible colour codes.

23 November 2015

Just Color Picker 4.4: now it has keyboard control for zoom and mouse cursor movements.

22 August 2015

The Funny Pictures Collection has got a new exhibit.

22 July 2015

The fruit and veg shops page has been updated.

12 April 2015

A new feature in the customisable printable calendars: now you can choose any month to start the calendar with, in addition to any day of the week to start your weeks, any year between 1900 and 2099, and any language.

Download free printable calendars 2017, 2018 and 2019

AnnyStudio printable PDF calendars come in many different designs and layouts: calendars 2017, 2018 and 2019 are ready to be downloaded and printed. There are also customisable printable monthly planners and calendars in over 50 languages for any year from 1900 to 2099.

Do you know how TPP can affect your life?

In addition to the political and economical short-sightedness that is keeping Australian economy undiversified, relying on population increase for economic growth, and heavily dependant on commodities, especially on mining, which is unsustainable, and destroys Australia’s greatest assets like the Great Barrier Reef and the precious agricultural lands in Hunter Valley, Australia is about to make another self-destructive move — TPP. Are all those well-paid “advisers”, whose only job is to make economic decisions that not only take care of the present, but also secure Australia’s future, committing treason or simply not fit for the job?

How can—in a fair and democratic society—excessive wealth of a few be more important than sustainable future of many?

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) cons, drawbacks, downsides and negative effects
The effects of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). More information at You are welcome to copy and distribute this poster.

Foolproof yourself — watch The Checkout

The Checkout from ABC — the best TV show ever: very funny, very educational and very useful. See the list and synopsis of The Checkout episodes on the ABC website or watch The Checkout archive on YouTube.

Now on Red Bubble...

A good option for those who like designs from my portfolio: now you can buy T-shirts, jumpers, kids clothes, wall calendars, post cards, greeting cards, stickers, tote bags and home decor items with the portfolio pictures via The RedBubble team will print the picture you like on a garment of the shape, size and colour you choose.

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