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Latest updates

8 July 2014

A new version of Just Color Picker (4.0) has been released. It now supports both Windows and Mac OS.

19 June 2014

A new addition to the Funny Pictures Collection.

10 April 2014

Just Color Picker 3.5 is available. It now supports multiple monitors support and offers the ability to move mouse cursor with the keyboard. The new version is also a bug-fix, which is supposed to solve the problems found in 3.4. Big thanks to all the users who engaged in the bug-search and sent their comments and new interface translations.

1 March 2014

No more Customer Charter, no more AAMI” article has been updated.

22 January 2014

New article: Australian post office box prices rise again.

20 January 2014

The fruit and vegs shops page has been updated.

19 January 2014

An article about Nielsen’s Native Australian Plants Nursery.

1 December 2013

New designs of printable calendars 2016 have been added.

7 November 2013

Protect your Privacy” article has been updated.

7 August 2013

New article in the light of the upcoming Australian Federal election. Beware: Postal vote application forms from political parties and candidates

Free Printable Calendars

AnnyStudio printable PDF calendars come in many different designs and layouts: calendars 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 are ready to be downloaded and printed. There are also customisable printable monthly planners and calendars in over 50 languages for any year from 1900 to 2099.

Just Sharing...

The Checkout  from ABC — the best TV show ever: very funny, very educational and very useful. List and synopsis of The Checkout episodes 

Red-bubbly news

Great news for those who like some designs from my portfolio: now you can buy T-shirts, jumpers, kids clothes, wall calendars, post cards, greeting cards and stickers with the portfolio pictures via . The RedBubble team will print the picture you like on a garment of the shape, size and colour you choose.

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