News and Updates

10 March 2017

A minor update for Just Color Picker 4.6.

31 December 2016

Started publishing calendars 2020. Happy New Year to everyone!

15 November 2016

Added new calendars 2019.

7 July 2016

Printable calendars 2019 are now available.

11 May 2016

Just Color Picker 4.6 has been released.

7 April 2016

New 2018 printable calendars have been added.

Download free printable calendars 2018, 2019 and 2020

AnnyStudio printable PDF calendars come in many different designs and layouts: calendars 2018, 2019 and 2020 are ready to be downloaded and printed. There are also customisable printable monthly planners and calendars in over 50 languages for any year from 1900 to 2099.

Have less rubbish in your life

Watch the War on Waste and see what everyone can do. Thanks to Craig Reucassel for this great series!

Foolproof yourself with The Checkout

Watch The Checkout from ABC — an excellent TV show: funny, educational and very useful. See the list and synopsis of The Checkout episodes on the ABC website or watch The Checkout archive on YouTube.

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