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Many years ago, this website was created, under a different domain name, as a field for my web-design and web-programming experiments. A bit later it also became a means of sharing my thoughts, reviews, interests, small software tools, utilities and articles that turned out to be very popular and useful for many people. Making them freely available was an attempt to return some goodness back to this world for all the free, helpful and useful things the other people made available to everyone else including myself.

A historical fact: for a long while in the past, searching for “Anny” in any search engine was bringing out only one result — my website. Which means, you are currently on the website of the first Anny in the Internet. It is almost like the first human on the Moon, except that the Internet seems to be more important to the mankind these days.

Donation and contribution options

If you enjoy using my software, designs, pictures or anything else from this website, and wish to make a donation, I sincerely appreciate your gratitude and support. However, instead of a donation to me personally, I would like to ask you to do one or more of the following:

Support Australian Privacy Foundation, or any competent privacy advocate or anti-mass-surveillance organisation of your choice

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) is the primary association dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Australians. It focuses the attention on the issues that pose a threat to the freedom and privacy of people. The Foundation has led the fight to defend the right of individuals to control their personal information and to be free of excessive intrusions.

To support the APF, please check their “What Can I Do?” page or, if you have access to an Australian bank, make a donation to the Australian Privacy Foundation Inc.

Help the environment

Any good deed matters — big or small. You can make this world a better place by doing simple things: recycle everything that can be recycled, rethink you consumer habits and reduce waste, tidy up and clear rubbish in your area, report an abandoned supermarket trolley/cart, plant a tree, or make a donation to a good non-profit organisation that protects the nature and really makes a difference.

Thank you :)

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