The Pasta Factory: fresh, tasty and real

June 2013 update: Pasta Factory has closed down.

I found this place in Adelaide’s suburb if Findon, South Australia, accidentally when I was passing by. My curiosity and love for tasty, fresh and quality food enticed me to have a look inside and — I became a regular customer.

I have not tried the whole range of the Pasta Factory’s food yet, but everything I did try was delicious. As everything about food is a matter of taste, I have to say here that I never choose food by its package, advertisement or manufacturer promises. There are only three things that I look at: manufacture/expiry date, good ingredients and a reasonable price.

Today I bought one of my favourites: vegetarian lasagne? which was made less that one hour ago. That is how fresh things can be! The list of the ingredients states: durum semolina, pumpkin, pine nuts, fresh basil, tomatoes, capsicum, onion, herbs & spices, salt, water added. That is it! None of those scary and silly colourings, “nature identical” flavours and artificial flavour enhancers. Simply fresh, tasty and real!

As I noticed that the Pasta Factory does not have its own website, I would like to share my positive experience here and thank the Pasta Factory for the tasty food I have been buying for more than a year now.

The Pasta Factory contacts:

Address: 133–137 Findon Road, Findon, South Australia 5023
Phone: (08) 8347 0266
Trading hours: Monday–Friday 9 to 6, Saturday 11–4.

The Pasta Factory, 135-137 Findon Road, Findon, South Australia
The Pasta Factory at 135–137 Findon Road, Findon, South Australia
The Pasta Factory staff
The Pasta Factory staff
The Pasta Factory, in the shop
In the shop
The Pasta Factory products
The delicious range

Thanks to the Pasta Factory for the delicious food they make and for the permission to take the photos.

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