Overpopulation Problem

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The Task

To create a picture that would address the problem of overpopulation of the Earth.

There are several reasons for the current rapid increase in population: medical advances, compulsory vaccination and improvements in sanitation, increase in agricultural productivity, human fertility above the replacement level. The picture is about the over-fertility.

The Solution

To make the image easy to use on posters or to be printed on various surfaces, including T-shirts, a single colour was be used. Also, written words were avoided to make the picture understandable worldwide without any modifications or translations.

The Result

Overpopulation problem: the planet Earth as an ovule and spermatozoons
Overpopulated planet
This image has been published in the Conservation Magazine, University of Washington, Winter 2013 issue, Are There Too Many People on the Planet?
Overpopulated Planet T-shirts
The Overpopulated Planet T-shirts

Some thoughts in the process

Global warming, climate change, CO2 emission, energy sources depletion, food shortages, resource wars, species extinction, epidemics, waste management are not the problems per se, they are symptoms of a problem — overpopulation. Sadly, today’s mankind is only content to address the consequences. A wide discussion of The Problem is not popular for a few reasons:

  • Capitalism and many religions — the world’s biggest powers — do not want to get any decrease in consumption, demand and followers.
  • Money can be made out of “going green” — by selling efficient light bulbs, eco cars, reusable shopping bags, solar panels, recycled paper, or anything that looks like it is made from recycled materials... Money cannot be made out of lesser numbers of buyers. Making business on reducing the pollution produced by the overpopulation can generate big and steady profits, reducing the overpopulation — won’t.
  • “Not in my backyard” approach: people may be relying on population growth projections and thinking that the planet will not reach the limits of its capacity during their life time. Illogically, most individuals who ignore the overpopulation problem do have children on their own, and remain oblivious to what can happen in their children’s life time? Shall they see the “end” started by their parents?

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Overpopulation sticker
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