New Zealand fun memories map

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Inspired by a trip around New Zealand – a country of stunning nature and nice people :)

The Result

New Zealand map for tourists
A special New Zealand map

The colourful map represents some things New Zealand is famous and memorable for:

  • Kauri trees (Agathis australis) growing in the northern districts of New Zealand’s North Island
  • Auckland with its distinctive skyline and Sky Tower
  • Volcanoes and volcano eruptions, e.g. Mount Ruapehu
  • Napier, the Art Deco Capital of the world
  • Rugby, represented on the map by one of the 2011 Rugby World Cup locations — Yarrow Stadium, Stadium Taranaki in New Plymouth
  • Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and its “Beehive” parliament building
  • Ferns
  • Marlborough wine region
  • Lots of sheep
  • Christchurch and its cathedral (sadly, one of many victims of 2011 Christchurch earthquake)
  • Southern Alps
  • Fish and fishing
  • Kiwi birds, marked in the area of distribution of Southern Tokoeka or Southern Brown Kiwi (Apteryx australis)

Where to Buy

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