Feeling forced to sign up for a myGov account?

MyGov. Public toilet service gone online. Individuals must create a myShit account linked to sewerage.
Public toilet service gone online. A “tribute” to Medicare and Tax offices that are now all closed down, to myGov that must be linked online to ATO, Medicare or Centrelink, to myTax, myPost, myHealthRecord, myAgedCare and other myWhatever online accounts and services actively pushed onto Australians yet promise no privacy, guarantee no security, and never seem to work properly.

The year 2019 has brought a record number of ATO scam calls. Scammers are getting more tools at their disposal, thanks to the persistent government efforts to push the population into filling tax returns and use other services online. Luckily, one of the much-sought “holistic” approaches to protecting one's data, money and peace of mind is available to everyone, has been around for decades, and is as follows:

According to the reader feedback, since myTax roll out, there has also been a significant increase in errors that ATO make while processing tax returns; and after the taxpayer requests the ATO to correct the errors, the amendment letters are worded as if the taxpayer made the mistakes, not the ATO. It is so far unclear, whether that is because the ATO mistakenly concluded that it no longer needs to employ sufficient numbers of diligent people, instead relying on software to replace them, or because the ATO is indeed plagued by the problems 4Corners reported in its Mongrel Bunch of Bastards episode (video); text version Malicious and Vengeful (part 1), High Cost of Taking on the Tax Office (part 2), Cash Grab (part 3).

The year 2021 added another issue: COVID Check-In apps that Australians are almost forced to use in order to get access to the most essential necessities like food, and COVID vaccination records that cannot be accessed online without a myGov account linked to Medicare.


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This pretty much nails it!

Anonymous, 27 May 2019

I hope Australians won't be forced to subscribe to this mygov shit because of covid vaccination. It is already bad enough that the government treats out personal data and health information as its own property. This gotta stop! I won't be signing up for any online crap that mandates to know my email or mobile number or wants me to download their app onto my phone.

Anonymous, 29 March 2021

Centrelink, Medicare, ATO, Child Support, myHealthRecord, and the rest of the myGov gang, this lot are worse than scammers!
At least all that scammers want is your money, but these shysters want everything: your money, and all your personal data, and your medical information, and all your private life, and to have control over your body, and to have you under their surveillance from cradle to grave...
In the old days you could get away with giving them only your name and address, but now they also demand your email address and mobile phone number, and force you to agree to their terms and conditions that make you obligated to check their online messages on a daily basis, as if they are going to pay for your Internet data usage or mobile services! And now they also want a photo ID for COVID vaccines. Are they serious??

Pat, Australia, 4 April 2021

Increasingly these days we have only two choices: forced or forbidden. Anything with prefixes "e", "i" or "my" intensifies the despair.

Anonymous, 2 June 2021

Public services, especially face-to-face, are gradually removed and becoming a rare relic. They will soon be removed completely unless of course they help to harvest personal data and justify exta tax collection.
That's why despite the increases to Medicare levy, Medicare benefits are repeatedly cut. But the government won't get rid of Medicare completely. It's a huge avenue for health surveillance and personal data collection.

Anonymous, 24 January 2022

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