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A web-designer, a programmer, a keen traveller, an amateur photographer, and a conscientiously-living person with a humble idea to make my home country of Australia and the rest of this world better.

If something on this website resonates with you, I will be happy to hear from you.



This website was created many years ago, within a different domain, as an outlet for my web-design and web-programming experiments. A bit later it also became a means of sharing my thoughts, reviews, interests, small software tools, utilities and articles that turned out to be very popular and useful to many people. Making them freely available is an attempt to return some goodness back to this world for all the free, helpful and useful things other people created and made available to everyone else, including myself.

A historical fact: for a long while in the past, searching for “Anny” in any search engine was bringing out only one result — my website. Which means, you are currently on the website of the first Anny in the Internet. It is almost like the first human on the Moon, except that the Internet seems to be far more important to the mankind these days. ;)

Donation and Contribution Options

If you enjoy using my software, designs, pictures or anything else from this website, and wish to make a donation, I sincerely appreciate your gratitude and support. However, instead of a donation to me personally, I would like to ask you to do one or more of the following:

1. Support an organisation dedicated to the protections of civil liberties and privacy

If you don't have an opportunity support these organisations financially, you can still contribute to their work by becoming aware of the issues surrounding privacy, human rights and freedoms, and by passing that information further. For tuning into Australian situation, you can watch Electronic Frontiers Australia talks and share them with your family members, friends, colleagues and through social media. If it is difficult to donate to an Australian organisation from overseas but you wish to make a donation, please support a similar organisation in your country.

You can also contact your Member of Parliament or the relevant government minister to raise your concerns and objections regarding the erosion of privacy and human rights and the spread of surveillance, especially when a government legislation or institution is involved. In a democratic society, it is the citizens' duty to alert the government when it is taking the wrong course.

Electronic Frontiers Australia

The Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting digital rights and civil liberties of Australians. For example, it led a successful campaign against mandatory ISP-level content filtration system proposed by the government. To retain its independence of commerce and government, it relies on membership subscriptions and public donations.

Australian Privacy Foundation

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) is an association dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Australians. It focuses on the issues that pose a threat to the freedom and privacy of people. The Foundation has led the fight to defend the right of individuals to control their personal information and to be free of excessive intrusions. To support the APF, please check their “What Can I Do?” page and, if you can, make a donation.

Queensland Council for Civil Liberties

The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties (QCCL) is a voluntary organisation concerned with the protection of individual rights and civil liberties. Founded in 1966, the QCCL aims to be vigilant in matters affecting civil liberties and to safeguard and develop respect for human rights and freedoms, provide information about threats to, and the abuse of, rights and liberties, and to foster the study of legal and human rights. It makes submissions to governments, inquiries or relevant authorities and publicly opposes laws and actions that undermine civil liberties. QCCL state that they do not accept funding from political or corporate interests, so their work would not be possible without contributions and donations from the community.

Liberty Victoria

Since 1936, Liberty Victoria has advocated for civil liberties and human rights that are spelled out in the United Nations' international human rights treaties, agreed to by Australia. Liberty Victoria speaks out when such rights and freedoms are threatened by governments or other organisations, and aims to counter the assaults on civil liberties and human rights by commonwealth and state governments in recent years. Liberty Victoria examines proposed laws and policies that may erode these liberties and rights and believes that commonwealth and state legislation should conform fully with Australia's international human rights obligations and to rights embedded in common law. Liberty Victoria describes itself as not taking a party political stance, and advancing the positions to whichever political party is in government and also to those in opposition and the independents. As a voluntary organisation Liberty Victoria relies on the knowledge, skill and commitment of its members, fund-raising and the support, donations and participation of the wider Victorian and Australian community.

2. Support high quality journalism, which is crucial for a free, fair and democratic society

For example, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, or any objective, unbiased, fact- and research-driven media in your country.

3. Help the environment

Any good deed matters — big or small. You can make this world a better place by doing simple things: recycle everything that can be recycled, rethink you consumer habits and reduce waste, tidy up and clear rubbish in your area, report abandoned supermarket trolleys/carts, plant a tree, or make a donation to a good non-profit organisation that protects the nature and strives to make a difference.

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