Melita Honey Farm, Tasmania

There is a piece of a fairytale created by a lovely family in a small town of Chudleigh in Tasmania. The honey shop looks amazing: very tidy, cosy, beautifully decorated, offering a huge range of honey, artisan nougat, skin care products, beeswax candles, and even a bee-keeping museum! I drove all the way from Hobart to Chudleigh for two reasons: to see Tasmania and to visit the Honey Farm, both well worth the drive.

Melita Honey Farm contacts:

Online shop:
Address: 39 Sorell Street, Chudleigh, Tasmania, Australia
Phone: (03) 6363 6160, international +61 3 6363 6160

Melita Honey Farm shop entrance. Melita Honey Farm shop, 39 Sorell Street, Chudleigh, Tasmania, Australia.
Melita Honey Farm shop — the sweetest attraction in Chudleigh!
Tasmanian honey range. Honey ice cream. Honey skincare products.
Tasmanian honey, ice cream and skincare products

Tasmanian beeswax candles

Melita also make their own beeswax candles. The combination of the wonderful aroma of beeswax and the warm light of candles makes them a perfect gift. In addition, beeswax candles have other benefits:

Tasmanian beeswax pillar candles. Beeswax tea light candles. Pure beeswax spherical candles. Tasmanian natural beeswax candles. Beeswax candles from Chudleigh, Tasmania.
Pillars, tealights, spheres, sunflowers, beehives, and many more...


Beeswax candles should not produce smoke if used correctly. If your beeswax candle started emitting smoke or soot, dripping down the sides or burning unevenly, make sure:

It is better to extinguish candles by pushing the wick into the melted wax pool and then pulling it up straight. This way, there will be no smoke emitted, and the wick will stay straight so it will be easier to light the candle next time. To avoid tunnelling (wax walls) and formation of dripping channels, every time a candle is lit it should be allowed to burn long enough so that the wax pool almost reaches the edges.

Alum Cliffs Gorge

For just 5km of extra drive and 800m walk, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Alum Cliffs Gorge. Ask for directions at the Honey Farm Shop, and don't forget to take your comfortable walking shoes for your trip to Tasmania. This time it was quite foggy, which added more beauty and mystery to this enchanting place.

Foggy Alum Cliffs Gorge. Fog in the forest, on the way to Alum Cliffs Gorge.
Alum Cliffs Gorge, and forest on the way to the gorge

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