How to “sharpen” a peeler without any tools

This is a quick and easy “sharpening” trick for a vegetable peeler with a symmetric blade. It utilises the fact that most people only use one side of it, while the other side stays sharp as new. In this case, to make the peeler sharp again, you simply need to turn the blade around and start using its other side. No special sharpening tools are required:

Taking blade out of the peeler.
Step 1: Bend the end of the blade-holding arch outwards so the blade falls out.
'Sharpening' the peeler blade by turning it around.
Step 2: Turn the blade and place it back in by bending the blade-holding arch again.

You can use this method if:


Different peelers

Peelers made of more flexible and better quality plastic with high arches over the blade often cost more than basic peelers. However, if the price is less than double, it still pays off. This blade-turning method means that you can get two blade life-spans for the price of one, while enjoying using a better quality kitchen tool, usually with a much better handle and better quality steel of the blade.

Fruit/vegetable peeler with an arch over the blade.
Vegetable peeler with a high arch over the blade. This peeler is made of strong yet flexible plastic, which makes it bendable and suitable for the procedure described above.
Potato peeler with no arch over the blade.
This peeler is made of cheap, hard, brittle plastic and has no arch. It either doesn't bend, or breaks.


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Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea! I will put a link to here on my Facebook page. The more people learn this, the better. This can defer thousands of peelers ending up in landfill.

Camilla, 17 November 2010

Thanks, it took me less than a minute to make a sharp-like-new peeler out of my old one. It may seems insignificant, but by buying and then throwing away fewer things, we can reduce waste and help the environment. One person may not make a huge difference, but if millions do the same...

Anonymous, 2 May 2011

A small difference is better than no difference. ☺

Pure genius :) I've just sharpened all veggie peelers in my kitchen drawers. Won't be buying new peelers for years. This works for Australian peeler type, as well as Y-shape peelers.

Tony R., 28 October 2016

So clever. And so simple. I made my potato peeler super sharp in 20 seconds! Many thanks for posting this!!!

Sandy, 5 June 2019

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