Tomra: Quick and Easy Way to Get your Refund

On 1 November 2018, Queensland has finally joined South Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory in doing the right thing and commenced the Containers for Change recycling scheme where Queenslanders can receive a 10c payment for each eligible container returned at a container refund point. There are numerous drop-off points, depots and sorting centres, however many of them require people to sign by creating an account, supplying personal data and providing bank account details.

If you are careful about the privacy of your data and aren't keen on giving your personal information away, Tomra may be the best choice. When using Tomra Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), you can select to receive your refund via a printed retail voucher, which can be redeemed as cash or used for your shopping at Woolworths supermarkets. No signing up, downloading an app, opening an account, getting a scheme ID, or giving out any of your personal information is required. This means anyone can use Tomra: from little kids for their pocket money, through privacy-conscious individuals, to the elderly who are not comfortable with online accounts. Tomra's RVMs are very quick and easy to use: just make sure your containers are eligible and not crushed.

And for those who like e-everything and have no privacy concerns, Tomra does offer an app with e-vouchers and PayPal/bank account payments. The choice is up to you. Check Tomra FAQ page for more information.

At the moment, Tomra has only 10 locations in Queensland (though hundreds in NSW), but the number of refund points and centres is promised to grow as the scheme rolls out and more people are using it.

Tomra recycling centre entrance.
Tomra recycling centre

About the Container Deposit / Refund Scheme

Queenslanders consume nearly 3 billion beverage containers every year. Unfortunately, these containers are amongst the most littered items due to some irresponsible people simply dropping their rubbish while walking, shopping, driving, spending time in parks, beaches or sport fields. As these containers can be easily recycled instead of turning into unsightly mess or harming the environment, the container refund scheme creates an incentive to collect and return containers for recycling, thus helping to reduce litter, landfill waste and pollution, and increase recycling rate.

If the drinks you buy come in containers not eligible for a refund — simply put them into your normal recycling bin. Don't feel worse off. This means you are not paying the extra 10 cents when purchasing your drinks. It also means that people who normally consume this type of drinks are generally unlikely to litter. So you are amongst the good lot ;)

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